Dear University for the Creative Arts,

This is a general request as part of a wider survey

Could you please publish the BA architecture course budgets for the last 10 years

If not saved from 10 years ago then from whenever it is recorded. A general budget number would be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Jordan bizzell

FOI, University for the Creative Arts

Dear Jordan

We consider that the provision of such information will prejudice our commercial interests and that these outweigh the public interest. The publication of course budgets could be used by applicants to inform a decision about where to study and, should UCA appear to spend less on its architecture courses then other universities, then this may reduce recruitment to UCA courses which would harm UCA.

We do not think that the publication of architecture course budgets will be In the public interest as universities have different methods of budgeting and accounting for costs. At UCA expenditure on the architecture courses will be funded from School and University central budgets as well as the course budget. To publish comparative architecture course costs of a number of universities is, therefore, likely to be misleading and not in the public interest.

Tracey Draper
Executive Assistant

Direct Telephone: 01252 892718
Email: [email address]

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