Dear Home Office,

Please provide copies of all of the reviews of models, data analytics and other services conducted by the Analytical Quality Assurance Board between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019.

Yours faithfully,

Jack Maxwell

FOI Requests, Home Office

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FOI Requests, Home Office

Mr Maxwell,

Thank you for contacting the Home Office with your request.

This has been assigned to a caseworker (case ref 63655). We will aim to send you a full response by 10/05/2021 which is twenty working days from the date we received your request.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

P. Zebedee
FOI Requests
Home Office

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AQA, Home Office

3 Attachments

Dear Jack Maxwell,


Please find attached following documents in response to your FOI (63655)
of 9^th April 2021:


 1. A response letter
 2. Response Annex A – Public interest tests for exemptions
 3. Response Annex B – Released AQA reports


Kind regards,

Home Office Analysis and Insights AQA

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