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Dear Information Commissioner’s Office,

These days number of Smartphone applications (Apps) use the Phone number as the principle identity to access the applications. The phone numbers given are verified through SMS or calling the number (delivering a code and entering the code on the App screen to complete the verification).

Though many people use the same phone number associated with the device to enable the services of the apps installed on the same device, there are occasions that people use a different phone number for the app which is running on device that has got a different phone number.

Considering the situation “App” associated and verified with a number “XYZ” running on a device that has got a different phone number “CCC”,

1. Is this type of non-association (binding) allowed?
2. Should the phone number associated with the app and the phone number of the device be the same?

If ICO has got any guidelines for this association / non-association of the phone numbers for the apps please provide them. If ICO does not have any information or guidelines regarding this, please advice me the right authority to be contacted to clarify this.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Selvakumar Ramachandran

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