Apprenticship Delivery Hours

Waiting for an internal review by Redcar and Cleveland College of their handling of this request.

Dear Redcar and Cleveland College,

Dear Darlington College,

Freedom of information request. Under the freedom of information act 2000

I should be grateful if you could please provide the information required set out below regarding to your publically funded qualifications either directly funded or sub contracted provision for Apprentice qualifications set out below

Qualification Total Guided learning hours you deliver per year per qualification listed.

Number of years each qualification is delivered over

Number of Apprentices direct delivery by your organisation for each subject given.

Number of apprentices sub contracted delivery by you on behalf of other organisations for each subject given.

Level 2 NVQ Plumbing and Heating
Level 2 NVQ Trowel Occupations (brickwork)
Level 2 NVQ Decorative Occupations (Painting and Decorating)
Level 2 NVQ Bench Carpentry and Joinery
Level 2 NVQ Site Carpentry and Joinery
Level 2 NVQ Plastering
Level 2 NVQ Electrical installations

Level 2 Diploma Plumbing and Heating
Level 2 Diploma Trowel Occupations (brickwork)
Level 2 Diploma Decorative Occupations (Painting and Decorating)
Level 2 Diploma Bench Carpentry Joinery
Level 2 Diploma Site Carpentry Joinery
Level 2 Diploma Plastering
Level 2 Diploma Electrical installations

If for any reason you are unable or unwilling to provide the information please reply setting out your reasons. I may lodge an appeal and then I may seek the assistance of the information commissioner’s office if information is withheld unreasonably or not provided within 20 days from the date of this email. Alternatively I may also inform the relevant public funding bodies of your failure to comply with the request.

I would prefer the information in an email if this is convenient to you.

Yours faithfully,

Jennny Lonsdale
4 Oakdale

Dear Redcar and Cleveland College,
My Apologies for the cut and paste error which means my request to you says Dear Darlington College in addition to Dear Redcar College please be aware I intended to send it to you at Redcar college and you should ignore the line "Dear Darlington College" and proceed with my original request .
Yours faithfully,

Jennny Lonsdale

Dear Redcar and Cleveland College,

I wish to request an internal review in relation to my Freedom of information request. My request required an answer by the 17 October 2014 and you have failed to respond please respond within 7 days of the 17th October. If you fail to respond I will make a formal complaint to the information commissioners office.

Yours faithfully,

Jennny Lonsdale