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Kathryn Young made this Freedom of Information request to Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Airedale NHS Foundation Trust,

Please could you provide data on the following:

1) Total amount of apprenticeship levy funds paid into your apprenticeship service account
from May 2017 to April 2022

2) Total amount of apprenticeship levy funds withdrawn from your apprenticeship service
account and used for training and/or assessment from May 2017 to April 2022

Yours faithfully,

Kathryn Young


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Dear Ms Young


Thank you for your request for information from Airedale NHS Foundation
Trust which was received on 15^th July 2022.  Your request has been given
the Reference Number ANHSFT REF  5834. 


We will now proceed to process the request.  The deadline date for issuing
you with a full response is  12^th August 2022.   We will try to respond
to you before this date and we will contact you if we envisage delays or
if we need more information from you.


Please note that under the Freedom of Information Act, some information
can be subject to exemptions, which means that the Trust does not have to
provide the information requested.  Some exemptions are “absolute” such as
personal information and some only apply where the “public interest” in
maintaining the exemption, outweighs that of providing the information.


In some cases, where identifying, retrieving and processing the requested
information requires more time than the “appropriate cost limit” of two
and half days work, we may refuse the request or we can charge a fee.  If
the latter is the case, I will let you know and a Fees Notice will be
issued to you.  In that case you would need to pay the fee before we
proceeded with your request,  but we will offer assistance and advise you
if, by modifying your request, we could provide you with some non-exempt
or free of charge information.


Please contact me, quoting the Reference Number above, with any questions
you might have about your request.


With kind regards


Deborah Cocker

FOI Administrator

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, Steeton, KEIGHLEY, BD20 6TD

Location: IT Business Centre | Zone C | Department 48

My usual working pattern is Mon-Thurs and I am currently working from home


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