Dear Home Office,
I came in the uk 2nd February 2007 and till 3rd April 2016 I'm on tire 4 categorie but after I was applied my ILR but got refused with the appeal right . My appeal is pending since July 2016 third is no hearings date receive from the first tire tribunal .
Please can you suggest me that can I withdraw my appeal and go for premium service ??? Or what happen suppose if I'll get refusal ???
What I'll have to do in this situation ??

Yours faithfully,


generalimmigrationenquiries, Home Office


Dear Sir/Madam,



Thank you for your email correspondence of 11 January.


Please be advised that UK Visa & Immigration are unable to comment on what
type of visa can or cannot be applied for or who is eligible to apply as
we are not immigration advisors.

As the onus is upon the individual customer to ensure that they satisfy
the requirements set out in the guidance material that accompanies each
and every application form, UK Visas & Immigration is not able to give,
indicate or advise upon the outcome of any such application prior to it
being given full and careful consideration.


We are unable to advise you any further on your enquiry and you should
seek independent immigration advice if you need help with permission to
stay in the UK.  Immigration advisers can help you with immigration
matters, including completion of forms and representing you at a
tribunal.  The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)
regulates immigration advisers, which means they must meet certain


Please see the link below to find an immigration advisor:



We are unable to provide further assistance. 


Yours faithfully,



Rose Summers

Customer Service Operations

UK Visas and Immigration


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