Any Purchases made between 2011 to present day.

Grahm Richards made this Freedom of Information request to Northumbria Police Authority

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Northumbria Police Authority,

Under the freedom of onformation act I would like a detailed copy of anything that has bveen Purchased for the use of northumbria police either directly or indirectly. I belive there is a public disclosure interest and this would not be in the publics interest to withold this infomration.

Could I have this information sent to me via the method return of sender.

Yours faithfully,

Grahm Richards

CS Enquiries.NPA, Northumbria Police Authority

Mr Grahm Richards

My Ref: CC31840

Your Ref:

Date: 02/03/2012

Dear Mr Richards

Subject: Freedom of Information

Further to your letter dated 2 March 2012. We require clarification from
you to enable us to locate the information you require.

Can you please contact me by phone at the number given below or
alternatively write being more specific regarding whether you want
procurement information undertaken by Northumbria Police or by
Northumbria Police Authority. If you want information for Northumbria
Police you should contact them direct apply in writing to:
Disclosure Section
Northumbria Police Headquarters
North Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE20 0BL

Or email:
[email address]

If you are unable to specify the information you require we may be
required to refuse your request.

If you have any queries regarding the contents of this letter please
contact me on the number below.

Yours faithfully

Richard Hall
(Telephone: 0191 433 2094)

Richard Hall
Policy Team
Northumbria Police Authority
Direct Tel: 0191 433 2094
Email: [email address]

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Dear CS Enquiries.NPA,

The idea of my request was to have to have requests to a number of authorities.
The request was to to detail all purchases made to your authority also.
I think being more descriptave would change the nature of the request.

The public interest request was a Human Rights issue as the authority has a say in day to day going ons of the public in general.

If you need further calrifacation I would be of course more than happy to answer your questions/queries.

Yours sincerely,

Grahm Richards

Tanya Rossington, Northumbria Police Authority

Dear Sir

You requested the following information:-

Under the freedom of information act I would like a detailed copy of
anything that has been Purchased for the use of Northumbria Police either
directly or indirectly.

You were advised in our e-mail to you of 2 March that if you want
information about Northumbria Police you would need to redirect your
request to Disclosure Section , Northumbria Police  Headquarters, North
Road, Ponteland, NE20 0BL.

If your request relates to expenditure by Northumbria Police Authority
then links below provide access to income and expenditure.

As discussed, link to audited 2010/11 statement of accounts:


And link to revenue monitoring report to Resource Management Committee for
spend up to 31^st December 2011:



Under Section 12(1) of the Act we are not obliged to deal with a request
if to do so would exceed the costs limit of £450. In determining whether a
request would exceed the costs limit the fees regulations permit us to use
an hourly rate of £25 per hour, which roughly equates to 18 hours of
officer time.

During the period mentioned there have been 90,000 transactions with over
3000 suppliers this would exceed the costs limit to extract the detailed
information you are asking for.

 Right to a review
You may apply to the Strategic Director of Legal and Corporate Services,
Civic Centre, Regent Street, Gateshead,NE8 1HH, for an internal review of
the decision. This will be a fresh consideration of your request by a more
senior officer. If you wish to request a review must do this in writing
within 40 days of receipt of this letter.

Following the  internal review if you are still unhappy you have a right
of appeal to the Information Commissioner as specified below.

Rights of appeal
You may apply under Section 50 of the Act to the Information Commissioner
at the address given below
Information Commissioner, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire
For a decision whether, in any specified respect, a request for
information made by you to the Department/office has been dealt with in
accordance with the requirements of Part 1 of the Act.

The Information Commissioner shall consider the matter fully and make a
fresh decision.
Yours faithfully
Information Rights

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