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Mark Walker made this Freedom of Information request to Criminal Records Bureau

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Criminal Records Bureau did not have the information requested.

Dear Criminal Records Bureau,

Please provide me with the following information under the Freedom of Information Act;

If an anonymous allegation is made against a teacher and a subsequent investigation into the anonymous allegation finds no evidence to substantiate it, will this effect the teacher's previously clean CRB check?

Yours faithfully,

Mark Walker.

CRB Freedom Of Information, Criminal Records Bureau

Dear Mr Walker

Thank you for your email.

Your request is being handled as a general enquiry.

The Criminal Records Bureau remit is to assist UK employers in the
recruitment process of individuals who will be working with children and
vulnerable adults by issuing "Certificates".

The CRB does not hold a copy of the Police National Computer (PNC)
record of convictions. The system held by the CRB is known as a PNC
Extract. The extract contains basic identifying details such as name and
date of birth of persons included on the PNC. The extract does not
contain any conviction information. The police force both own and
maintain all information contained on the PNC.

The CRB issues Higher Level Certificates for employment and licensing
purposes, as provided for in part V of the Police Act 1997. Higher Level
CRB checks (Standard and Enhanced) can only be asked for in relation to
positions that are included in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
(ROA) (Exceptions) Order 1975. These are positions/licensing
requirements for which an employer/regulatory authority may ask to see
spent as well as unspent conviction information, cautions, reprimands
and warnings held on the Police National Computer (PNC).

I have provided below the difference between the Standard and Enhanced
CRB checks, which provides an indication of what information may be

Standard CRB Check

Standard check can be applied for by those entering certain professions,
such as members of the legal and accountancy professions and applying
for specified licences. A Standard check contains:

Details of all convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings held on
the Police National Computer (PNC) Standard CRB checks are no longer
available for posts working with children and vulnerable adults. A
Standard check cannot reveal if a person is ISA- registered or barred
from working with children or vulnerable adults.

Enhanced CRB Check

An Enhanced check is the highest level of check available to anyone
involved in regulated activity for a regulated activity provider working
with children or vulnerable adults. It is also available in certain
licensing purposes and judicial appointments. Enhanced checks contain
the same information as the Standard check but also include a check of
the new barred lists and any relevant and proportionate information held
by the local police forces.

The barred lists are held by the Independent Safeguarding Authority
(ISA) and are detailed below:

* A list of people barred from working with children (replacing List
99, the Protection of Childrens Act ( POCA) list and disqualification
* A list of people barred from working with vulnerable adults
(replacing the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) List)

I am unfortunately unable to confirm what information would appear on a
CRB Certificate; it entirely depends on whether the information is held
on the PNC and whether the police deem it relevant to the position
applied for.

You may therefore wish to direct any further enquiries you have
regarding this matter to the police as they own and maintain criminal
record information.

I hope this information is of assistance.

Kind Regards

Elise Snelham
CRB Policy Team

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Bryan left an annotation ()

The information COULD appear within the Enhanced disclosure as other relevant information. That would be up to the Police. You would only find out when the disclosure is done.

Peter Danby left an annotation ()

False/unproven allegations are put on CRB disclosures at the chief of police discretion. Immigrants cannot be checked thoroughly as the PNC is not a world wide check, furthermore some countries do not have a data base for criminal activity'. So immigrants cannot be checked properly..! People born in the Uk are easy targets for our police forces. Police forces do not care what we British people think, as they are run as a business and get money from CRB disclosures. Destroying peoples careers does not make any difference to police officers as they are unaccountable in this once Great Britain."

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