Anonymised September 2015 test results for September 2016 entry

The request was successful.

Dear The Henrietta Barnett School,

I've noticed a freedom of information request made through this website for data that I would be interested in obtaining, as my daughter took part in the Sep 2015 entry test.

The request was made by "A Buckley" in the link below:

here was the original request in the link:
Dear The Henrietta Barnett School,

Please can you provide an anonymised copy of the full test results
for all
pupils who sat the first round of the admissions test in September
2015 for September
2016 admission to your school? Please also specify the birth month
for each (anonymous) candidate.

Please can you provide a ranked copy of the scores in an excel
spreadsheet so that interested parties can see the results

Yours faithfully,
A Buckley

As the school offer period has now passed and the data can no longer be considered "live", would it be possible for you to answer this request and publish the data?

Yours faithfully,

JK Iveson

Dear HB Office,

Now that the March 2016 school allocation period is over, could you please supply the information below I requested?

Yours faithfully,

JK Iveson

Admissionsqueries at The Henrietta Barnett School, The Henrietta Barnett School, London

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Dear Mr Iveson,


Please find the information attached as requested.


Kind regards,

Kelly Barry

Wellbeing & Operations Manager

The Henrietta Barnett School