The authority would like to / has responded by postal mail to this request.

Dear Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive,
I am writing to make a Freedom of Information request to Tyne &
Wear PTE. Please forward my email to the relevant member of staff.

I would like to request a digital or CD copy of the announcements
used on the new PA system on-board Metro trains.

Should the recordings be subject to any copyright, it should be
noted that the recordings are for personal use only.

It is my understanding that similar requests have been made to
other transport operators, and they found that the easiest way of
making the information available was via a CD

Yours faithfully,

Freedom Info, North East Metro Operations Limited

Hello Josh,

Thanks for the email. I can provide a CD with the announcements on if you could provide me with a suitable address.

You may not wish to put your full address on the website so you could email me directly with the details. Could you also let me know how you would like the envelope address i.e. Josh or also a surname.

I also know that the website doesn't always publish email addresses that are included in texts on emails, so if you can send details to freedom dot info at nexus dot org dot uk. I'll pick it up from there.


Michael Hunt
Administration Manager

Until further notice I can be reached by email only

The latest information about travel is at

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