An Undertaking made by land owner Poppy Estates

Mr Peter Kemp made this Freedom of Information request to Dartmoor National Park Authority

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Dartmoor National Park Authority did not have the information requested.

Dear Dartmoor National Park Authority,

Land owners undertaking on Dolbeare Meadow Ashburton.

Having requested this information on the 8th February 2017 I consider your Authority has had more than sufficient time to forward this document which in any case should have been recorded in your register of Undertakings. I have reminded you on many occasions to no avail. Therefore I have been forced to take this action.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Peter Kemp.

Legal-MBX, Dartmoor National Park Authority

Dear Mr Kemp


Thank you for your email of 17 March, the contents of which has been


I have looked through the correspondence relating to your recent Freedom
of Information request and can confirm that emails were received from
yourself on 8 and 15 February.  Your emails requested a copy of the
undertaking in relation to Dolbeare Meadow, Ashburton. 


The Authority has a duty to tell you whether it holds the information you
have requested and must normally supply it/respond to you within 20
working days, being by 8 March.  I myself acknowledged those emails on 20


A further email was sent by you on 2 March for the attention of Mr Bishop,
asking if he could ‘move on’ your request, a response of which was not due
until 8 March.


On 2 March, James Aven sent an email to you incorporating the undertaking,
received by the Authority in relation to Dolbeare Meadow, that you had
requested on 8 February.  I can confirm therefore that the information you
requested was supplied within 16 working days.


On 3 and 9 March, James Aven received further emails from you requesting a
copy of the letter referred to in his email to you of 2 March.  This is
being treated as a separate Freedom of Information request and a response
is due by 31 March.  James Aven responded to those emails on 9 March
informing you that as the letter contained some personal material he would
need to further discuss this request with the Authority’s solicitor. 


On 15 and 17 March further emails have been received from you, stating
that the request is taking far too long.  I can confirm for you that your
request received on 3 March will be responded to by 31 March, which is
within the 20 working day period.


Kind regards


Claire Fairhall

Legal and Democratic Services



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