Dear Shetland Islands Council,

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information.

1. Please provide the following information on amenity pesticide usage:
a. A list of the pesticides you use (brand name, and active ingredient), this should include insecticides, fungicides, molluscicides and herbicides.
b. The COSHH assessment form for each of the pesticides you use.
c. Where these chemicals are used, i.e parks, road verges, pavements, tree bases etc.
d. Annual quantities of each pesticide used over the past 5 years. Please include the total amount of each used both by the council internally and externally through contractors.
e. Please also confirm the concentrations of each pesticide used at application.

2. What strategies does the council have in place to reduce the use of these pesticides? Please provide detail on these efforts including dates and costings where possible.

3. How much has the council spent on purchasing and spraying amenity pesticides over the past 5 years? Please include staff costs of people employed to undertake this (either contractors or council staff), personal protective equipment, safety training, spray equipment, hazard signs, etc.

If it is not possible to provide the information requested above for any reason, I would be grateful for any further advice or assistance as to how I can refine my request. If any of this information is already in the public domain, please can you direct me to it, with page references and URLs as necessary.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone and I will be very happy to clarify what I am asking for and discuss the request.

Yours faithfully,

Kate Basley

Shetland Islands Council

Thank you for your recent enquiry, we acknowledge receipt of your request for information.

This is receiving our attention, and we will provide you with a response as soon as possible.

Regards, M Robertson

Marie Robertson

Committee Assistant
Shetland Islands Council
Governance & Law
Corporate Services Department
8 North Ness Business Park
Lerwick | Shetland |01595 744553

Shetland Islands Council

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Good morning

Thank you for your freedom of information enquiry, we do not use pesticides on pavements, park or road verges. Due to lockdown none have been used this year by our contractor who provides his own training and PPE for his staff

I trust that this response meets your request. However, if you are dissatisfied with the way in which the Council has dealt with your request for information then you may ask the authority to review its actions and decisions in relation to your request, by submitting a formal appeal

Many thanks


Paula Nicolson
Clerical Officer
Infrastructure Services

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Dear Paula,

Thank you very much for the information, I appreciate your time.

Yours faithfully,