Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

Please can you provide a list of all Alternative Provision providers used by Wirral Council?
Can this be for all school age groups please

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Stowe

Cowden, Jane E., Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

Good Afternoon,


Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information request detailed below. 

The alternative provision providers commissioned by Wirral Council are:-


·         Emslie Morgan Academy, 235 Leasowe Rd, Wallasey CH45 8RE

·         Progress Schools Wirral, The Hive, Wirral Youth Zone, Bright St,
Wirral, Birkenhead CH41 4EA


I trust you will find this information useful.


Kind regards,

Jane Cowden



Jane Cowden - Team Manager Data Information

Wirral Council

Children and Young People’s Department

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