Allotments and waiting lists

Margaret Campbell made this Freedom of Information request to Lichfield District Council

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Lichfield District Council did not have the information requested.

Margaret Campbell

Dear Lichfield District Council,

Please would you acknowledge this request.

As of January 2013, please could you tell me:

1) How many allotment sites are there in Lichfield for which the Council has access to waiting list data?

2) What is the total number of plots on these sites?

3) What is the total number of people on waiting lists for these sites?

4) Are any of these waiting lists closed to further applications?

5) How many new allotment sites on council land were brought into use in 2011 and 2012? Please give:
a) number of new sites
b) names of new sites
c) total area of new land in hectares
d) total number of new plots

Yours faithfully,

Margaret Campbell

Generic - FOI, Lichfield District Council

Thank you for your correspondence relating to Freedom of Information.  All
requests will be logged and forwarded to the relevant Officer(s) for their
response to you.


Under the Freedom of Information Act, you are entitled to a response
within 20 working days.



Brown, John, Lichfield District Council

                   Dear Madam,
                                       I refer to your e-mail dated 7th
January 2013 that has been forwarded to me for attention.The District
Council answers to the questions are as follows:


From: Generic - FOI
Sent: 08 January 2013 12:08
To: Brown, John
Subject: 327: Freedom of Information request - Allotments and waiting


Hi John


Please see below FOI for your attention.  Please let me know the date of
your response for logging purposes.




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Margaret Campbell

Dear John Brown,

Thank you for the prompt response.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Campbell

Philip John left an annotation ()

In Lichfield, it is Lichfield CITY Council that handles allotments. Shame LDC didn't do the helpful thing and actual tell you that in response.

Stuart Harrsion left an annotation ()

Contact details of all the allotment providers can be found on the Lichfield District Council website here:

Anderson100 left an annotation ()

I had the unfortunate please of dealing with Lichfield Allotments Society. I took on a dilapidated plot in Oct of one year (it was a particularly cold winter that year). I didn't do anything for a few months as the weather was too inclement and the plot needed clearing out and quite a lot of earth removing as it was s overgrown). Around this time my young daughter became seriously ill. Shortly before Xmas I had a letter warning me that as I had not made any improvements to the plot I was being issued with a warning! I explained that the weather (we're talking snow here) and my daughter's illness had prevented me from making any substantial improvement but it was met with a shrug of the shoulders. I was dumbfounded. They didn't even ask what was wrong with my daughter?! How callous. I gave the site up as I didn't want to be associated with vile people.