Allotment waiting times and turnover

Jo Fuller made this Freedom of Information request to Exeter City Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Exeter City Council,

Please could you acknowledge this request.

As of January 2014 please could you confirm the following:

1) the number of allotments available in the Exeter area

2) the current number of people on the waiting list for allotments

3) the last time allotments were checked to comply with the rules and conditions, specifically rule 1 re assignment and subletting

4) the number of allotments allocated per year for the last 3 years (i.e. how many people from the waiting list were allocated an allotment per year)

5) as per the Exeter City Council Allotment Strategy 2007-2011, what additional sites were identified for new allotments? Have any new sites been added?

6) has a further Public Open Space Audit been conducted since this strategy was written?

7) has a further Allotment Strategy been written post-2011?

8) what steps are planned for 2015 to address the high demand for allotments and lack of availability?

Many thanks in anticipation of your swift response.

Yours faithfully,

Jo Fuller
(Exeter Resident on the Allotment Waiting List)

Exeter City Council

Thank you for your request for information.  I will arrange for a response
to be issued as soon as possible.  If you have any queries about the
progress of your request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note that information relating to schools, education, trading
standards, social care (e.g. care homes) and highways is held by Devon
County Council and your request should be re-directed to them.  Their
contact details are as follows:

Information Compliance Manager
Strategic Intelligence
Room L10
County Hall
Topsham Road
Telephone: 01392 384679
Email: [1][email address]

Kind regards
FOI Officer
for Corporate Manager, Policy, Communications and Community Engagement
Exeter City Council
Civic Centre
Exeter     EX1 1JN
Tel: 01392 277888
email: [2][Exeter City Council request email]


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Betts, Lorraine, Exeter City Council

Thank you for your request for information. Please find below answers to your questions:

1. 61 plots
2. 643
3. The allotments haven't been checked for sub-letting in the last year.
4. 2011-12 change 130 (figures unavailable for Whipton/Heavitree & Stoke Hill areas)
2012-13 change 163
2013-14 change 242
5.The canal side plots at Trews Weir were created during this time and the number of plots has increased by splitting 10 rod plots into 5 rod plots as they become available.
6. I'm not quite sure about this question?
7. No further strategy has been produced but a consultation titled 'securing the future of allotments' was carried out during the Summer of 2014 and the results were reported back to committee in September 2014.
8. As a result of the report produced following the consultation process we are looking to alter our management to work in partnership with site associations to give more effective management as there will be a presence on site to draw attention to any issues more regularly than there was under the previous structure.

Exeter City Council is committed to openness and transparency. If you wish to request a review of either our decision, or the way your request has been handled, please write to the Council's Corporate Manager at the address below. Your request will be considered in line with our Review Procedure. Full details of this procedure, including your right of appeal to the Information Commissioner, are available on our website at

Kind regards

Policy Officer

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Margaret Campbell left an annotation ()

Not sure how these numbers relate to ECC's response two years ago

Jo Fuller left an annotation ()

Thanks Margaret - I'm not sure if they've provided the wrong information in one of the requests because it looks like there are significantly fewer plots available now than there were when you submitted the request in 2013.

I'll go back to them for more information!