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Ian Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Locala Community Partnerships CIC

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The request was refused by Locala Community Partnerships CIC.

Dear Locala Community Partnerships CIC,

I would like to request that you provide the following information under the Freedom of Information Act:

1) Please can you confirm what your total spend on Allied Health Professional (AHP) agency staff was during the financial year 2014-15?
Can you please break this financial information down by AHP specialism:
• Arts Therapists,
• Chiropodist/Podiatrist,
• Dietician,
• Occupational Therapist,
• Physiotherapist,
• Prosthetist / Orthotist,
• Imaging Professionals,
• Speech / Language Professionals.

2) Please can you confirm the names of the organisation/s you procure temporary Allied Health Professionals (AHP) from?

To provide additional clarity on my request, ‘temporary Allied Health Professionals’ is to mean all persons who are AHPs and are not on permanent contracts of employment with the Board, but are supplied via employment agencies.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Smith

Locala Community Partnerships CIC

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Enquiry Mailbox, Locala Community Partnerships CIC

Dear Mr Smith

The Freedom of Information Act (FIA) 2000 and its framework for submitting requests is only currently applicable to Public Authorities and the recorded information that they hold.

Locala Community Partnerships CIC is a Community Interest Company and not a Public Authority, and as such is not covered by the FIA 2000.

However, as a CIC and a fully regulated provider of NHS services we do have to publish certain information on our website, and it may be that this already published information includes that you have requested.

Our website can be found at and published documents can be found at

Kind regards

Rob Bachelor
Customer Liaison Officer

Direct Line: 030 3330 8831

Locala Community Partnerships CIC Customer Liaison Team
1st Floor, Beckside Court [Locala Community Partnerships CIC request email]
286 Bradford Road [email address]
Batley tel: 030 3003 4529 Option 1
West Yorkshire
WF17 5PW

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