Alleged brick thrown through communal stairwell window in Sherlock House, Manor Road, Wallasey on 11th or 12th July 2016

Paul Cardin made this Freedom of Information request to Merseyside Police

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Merseyside Police,

RE: Alleged criminal damage at Sherlock House, Manor Road, Wallasey.

With the exception of question 1 which was answered in full, this FOI request duplicates one that I sent on 2nd August 2016.

My intention is to overcome the difficulties caused by the FOIA itself and the original request becoming "frozen in time".

This is to permit you as the data controller to look at the request anew and in the knowledge that investigations are now complete.

My purpose is genuine, to avoid wasting public money and this is not a vexatious request.

Please confirm the following:

2. What was the physical nature / description / material of the projectile apparently thrown through and breaking the bottom left pane of the 12 shared stairwell windows on the ground floor of the north eastern elevation of Sherlock House on either 11th or 12th July 2016? i.e. was it a brick or a rock or a stone or something else? Please describe.

3. Do you have in your possession the projectile (brick or rock or stone or something else) that was reported to have been thrown by an unknown person and was later described in several local and national newspapers as 'a brick' thrown through a window?

4. Was there any evidence to suggest that the constituency office or office window of Angela Eagle MP on the ground floor of the south eastern elevation was subjected to an attack during the same time period?

5. Did you conclude after gathering evidence that the attack dated 11th or 12th July 2016 was confined to the shaired stairwell on the north east elevation of the building, and that the office or office window of Angela Eagle MP was not attacked given the nature of the evidence gathered?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Cardin

Freedom Of Information, Merseyside Police

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Paul Cardin left an annotation ()

Advice here from the ICO regarding repeat requests.

This is not a repeat request in line with the following:

"19. An authority can only apply Section 14(2) to a request where it has either;
 already provided the information to the same requester in
response to a previous FOIA request; or
 previously confirmed that the information is not held in
response to an earlier FOIA request from the same requester.

If neither of the above criteria applies, then the request is not
repeated and the authority must process it in the usual

Freedom Of Information, Merseyside Police

1 Attachment


Dear Mr. Cardin,


Response - FOIA Application – DJ2016 - 1240 MERPOL (please quote in all


I write in connection with your request for information dated, 02/12/2016,
which was received by Merseyside Police on 02/12/2016. I note that you
seek access to the following information:


(Paraphrased): Information relating to an offence of criminal damage at
Sherlock House, Manor Road, Wallasey.  


Following receipt for your request searches were conducted within the
Merseyside Police to locate information relevant to your request. I can
confirm that some of the information that you requested is held by
Merseyside Police.


Extent of searches to locate information.


To locate the information relevant to your request, searches were
conducted in Corporate Criminal Justice Department, Force Crime
Registrar’s records, Force Contact Centre and “A” Wirral BCU records. 


Result of searches.


The searches located some records relevant to your request.




I have today been authorised by the senior decision maker in this case,
the Data Access Supervisor, to:


disclose information related to your requests numbered 2, 3 & 4 in full;


fully exempt information related to your requests numbered 5 pursuant to
the provisions of section 8 Freedom of Information Act 2000;as the request
does not meet the requirement of section 8(1)(c).


Your request for information, in relation to the exempt information, has
been considered and Merseyside Police is not obliged to supply the
information that you have requested.


Section 17, Freedom of Information Act, 2000, requires Merseyside Police,
when refusing to provide such information (because the information is
exempt) to provide you the applicant with a notice which:

(a) States that fact,

(b) Specifies the exemption(s) in question and

(c) States (if that would not otherwise be apparent) why the exemption


In respect of all the requests above, under the duty in section 16 of the
Act, the duty to be helpful, I have provided information, shown as
additional information  which I believe will be of assistance to you.


Please find attached information relating to your request in the schedule


Making a complaint or an appeal


Your attention is drawn to the sheet attached below which details your
rights of complaint.              


Should you have any further inquiries concerning this matter, please write
or e-mail me, on the below address, quoting the reference number above.


Yours faithfully


D Jackson

Disclosure Analyst

Merseyside Police

Data Access Unit



Fax: 0151 777 1677

E-mail:  [Merseyside Police request email]


Schedule(s) of disclosed information:      Attached at top of e-mail



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