All personal information you hold On Mr. Paul Richards

Rachel Clements made this Freedom of Information request to South Somerset District Council

The request was refused by South Somerset District Council.

From: Rachel Clements

Dear South Somerset District Council,

I would like all personal information that you hold on myself, Mr.
Paul Richards, Woodentop Farm, Ridge Lane, West Coker BA22 9DG.

The FOI gives you the right to ask any public body for all the
information they have on any subject you choose. Unless there’s a
good reason, the organisation must provide the information within
20 working days. You can also ask for all the personal information
they hold on you.

Everyone can make a request for information – there are no
restrictions on your age, nationality, or where you live.

You can ask for any information at all - but some information might
be withheld to protect various interests which are allowed for by
the Act. If this is case, the public authority must tell you why
they have withheld information.

If you ask for information about yourself, then your request will
be handled under the Data Protection Act.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Richards
Woodentop Farm

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From: Lynda Creek
South Somerset District Council

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Dear Mr Richards,

Thank you for your request as shown below, unfortunately, as you are
requesting information about yourself this request falls under the Data
Protection Act 1998 rather than the Freedom of Information Act 2000. It
is called a 'Subject Access Request'.

I thought it would also be helpful if I included the link to the extract
of the Data Protection Act 1998 which deals with such requests. You could
then see the scope of your rights to access your data. If you copy this
into the browser on your PC
[1], it will give the
rights associated with the application.

I attach a form for you to complete to make an application under this
Act. Could you complete and return it with the £10 fee and suitable
evidence of identity please e.g. driving licence? As you will appreciate,
when dealing with personal information, it is important that we establish
that the person seeking the information is whom they purport to be.

The form should be returned to me (not the person referred to on the form)
Lynda Creek Fraud and Data Manager
Council Offices
Brympton Way
BA20 2HT

Any queries please e-mail me but also cc to [2][South Somerset District Council request email]
so that any reply is picked up if I am not available.

best wishes


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