All Correspondence Between Monitoring Officer and Laneshaw Bridge Parish Council December, 2016 - Present

The request was successful.

Dear Pendle Borough Council,
My preferred medium of receipt is email.
I would like copies of all correspondence between the Monitoring Officer (including his secretaries, assistants, deputies, etc.) and Laneshaw Bridge Parish Council, from December, 2016 to present.
Yours faithfully,
Les Mort

Dear Pendle Borough Council,
You have not responded to this request within the 20 days allowed. You now have 20 days to undertake an internal review of this situation.
Yours faithfully,

Les Mort

WaterworthSarah, Pendle Borough Council

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Dear Mr Mort

Please find all correspondence attached


Sarah Waterworth
Committee Administrator
Tel No. Mon/Tue 01282 661654 Wed/Thu/Fri 01282 661201

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