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Richard Taylor made this Freedom of Information request to Home Office

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Home Office did not have the information requested.

Dear Home Office,

Cambridgeshire's Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner have recently described a piece of software described as either "ALERT" or "Neighbourhood Alert" as being developed and funded by the Home Office (the Chief constable says in 2011).

In respect of this software could you please release:

1. The contract, project specification, tender documents, grant application or similar documents applicable to the development of the software.

2. The amount spent on the development of the software (broken down eg. if the Home Office was not the only funder).

3. Any contract, licence or similar governing the arrangements enabling VISAV Limited, or others, to re-sell or licence the software back to public sector bodies or others.

4. The amount of money received by the Home Office in connection with the resale / licensing of the software.

5. Any records of decisions, meeting minutes, or similar relating to development and licensing of this software.



Richard Taylor

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Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

I have written an article on this software:

FOI Responses, Home Office

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Mr Taylor

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Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

The core element of the response states:

" The Home Office does not hold the information which you have requested. The software referred to: ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ was developed and is owned by one of the top four database companies. The Home Office was not involved in this development. "