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stian alexander made this Freedom of Information request to House of Lords

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The request was successful.

Dear House of Lords,

Can you please let me know the total amount spent on alcohol at each of the bars/restaurants at the House of Lords for the past five years - breaking the spending down year-by-year.

Can you break down how much was spent on wine, beer/lager, cider, spirits, champagne at each of the bars/restaurants.

Can you provide figures for the past five years, or if this is not possible within the restrictions, please provide figures for the past three years, or if not possible, the past two years.

Yours faithfully,

stian alexander

HL FOI & Information Compliance, House of Lords

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Dear Stian,


I am writing in response to your request (copied below) to the House of


1. The total spend on beverages, including minerals and soft drinks, in
each House of Lords outlet broken down by financial year was as follows:

Outlet 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Peers' Dining Room £91,874 £95,944 £113,449
Barry Room £51,646 £49,597 £50,044
Peers' Guest Room £60,045 £59,334 £71,445
Bishops' Bar £25,183 £23,111 £18,508
Home Room £3,941 £628 N/A*
Lords' bar £106,561 £95,261 £90,379
River Restaurant £13,821 £15,534 £15,667
Millbank £7,291 £5,761 £4,356


*The Home Room ceased trading in 2014-15.

   The figures are net of VAT.

Information for earlier years is no longer held.


Outlets are used by pass holders, including members, staff, contractors
and by visitors to Parliament.


There are a variety of reasons for increases in consumption and/or
expenditure including price increases, growth in customer numbers and gift
shop sales, more trading days and new types of business , for example the
opening of the Peers’ Dining Room for public dining during 2015/16.


2. Please find attached data relating to 2014-15 and 2015-16.  Information
for earlier years is no longer held.


I hope this is helpful.


You may, if dissatisfied with the treatment of your request, ask the House
of Lords to conduct an internal review. This should be addressed to
[1][email address] or to the Freedom of Information Officer, House
of Lords, London SW1A 0PW and explain clearly the nature of your
complaint. Arrangements will be made for someone who has not been involved
in dealing with your request to conduct an internal review within 20
working days. You should note that we will not normally accept an
application for internal review if it is received more than two months
after the date our response was sent. Any such request received after this
time will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.


If, following this review, you remain dissatisfied with the House’s
treatment of your request for information you may then take your complaint
to the Information Commissioner at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow,
Cheshire, SK9 5AF.


Yours sincerely,



Frances Grey

Freedom of Information Officer

House of Lords





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