Air Conditioning Inspection Report Environmental Compliance Audit (commonly known as an ACI TM44)

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Dear Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College, Hornchurch,

This request relates to Environmental Legislation, specifically TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reporting, which is mandatory for buildings which are air conditioned above a statutory minimum size. Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government track offenders.

Q. Who is the responsible person for ensuring that your buildings are legally compliant on the TM44 mandatory environmental matter? Provide the name, position, address, email address and direct telephone number of the responsible person.
Q. All reports are mandatorily lodged on MHCLG database. No reports are currently lodged or are out of date for your School, you are therefore non-compliant. Has your Governing Body been made aware of this breach?
Q. Air Conditioning and Air Handling Systems may cause increased risk of Covid-19 spread, have you covered off the issue, along with TM44 Inspections, in any Return to Work Risk Assessments?
Q. Provide the name and email address of the Board Principal.
Q. Do you teach your Pupils about the environment?

Yours faithfully,

Jessica Thomas

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Dear Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College, Hornchurch,
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Please respond to our FOI or advise why we have not yet had a response. Legally, you must respond within 20 working days.
Responding to our request is important, we are compiling an accurate national database and your contribution would be a positive step.
Please be aware that your responses (or lack of) will be forwarded to MHCLG, Government Environment Departments, the Environment Agency and other interested Environmental/Covid-19 Groups.

Yours faithfully,

Jessica Thomas

Paul Cox, Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College, Hornchurch

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Dear Jessica,
Please see attached for Abbs Cross' response to this request. 
Apologies for the delay in return I have been absent from work in recent
Yours sincerely,
Paul Cox
Executive Officer (Head's PA, HR, Data, Office)
Loxford School Trust
Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College
Abbs Cross Lane
RM12 4YB
T: 01708 440 304
E: [1][email address] 
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