Ages of dependant children of divorcing couples by age year

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Dear Office for National Statistics,

You provide data as to the number of couples divorcing each year, and how many of those have dependant children. I am hoping that you would be able to provide a subset of data looking only at divorcing couples with children aged 0 - 16 and the number of children in each age year born to parents who are divorcing in each year from 2010 to the latest available records. Please provide in simple table format with year across the top ages to the left side starting 0 to 1, 1, 2, 3 and so on to 16, with the quantity of children of each age year at the point of your divorce record being made in each of the cells for each year for each age child age year. Please confirm when the record is made i.e. at point of filing for divorce or point of decree absolute being granted. If the latter please provide an average time span between filing and decree absolute.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Hudson,

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FOI Team, Office for National Statistics

Our Reference: FOI/2020/0714


Dear Brian,


Thank you for your email requesting data pertaining to divorces of those
with dependent children.


I am writing to confirm that the Office for National Statistics has now
completed its search for the information which you requested and the
response can be found here:



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remain unhappy with the decision, by the Information Commissioner. If you
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PO15 5RR, and mark your correspondence "Internal Review".

If you have any queries about this email, please contact the Freedom of
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The Freedom of Information Team

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