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Gemma Brookstein

Dear Worcester College of Technology,

I am hoping that you can help me. I am wanting to find out the agency spend in 2009/2010 at Worcester College of Technology along with which agencies were used and how much was spent with each agency.

I would also like to know the sessional pay rates at the colleges and the hourly rates charged with each agency.

If these figures are not available then 2008/2009 would be

Yours faithfully,


Chris Morecroft,

I have now retired from the post of Principal of Worcester College of Technology.

If your email is regarding College business, please forward it to the Principal's P.A., Emma Hunt on [email address] - it will then be dealt with accordingly.

If your email is personal, please also forward to Emma Hunt who will ensure it is sent on to me.

Best regards
Chris Morecroft

Sent request to Worcester College of Technology again, using a new contact address.

John Littler, Worcester College of Technology

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Gemma Brookstein

Thank you for your request regarding our Agency Spend. I have attached
details for 2009/10. I have listed the Agencies used and the total spend
with each Agency. I have not included hourly rates as we regard this to be
commercially sensitive information.

I hope this provides the information you require.


John Littler


John Littler

Head of MIS

Worcester College of Technology




01905 725584

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