Agency spend 21/22

Bob Holmes made this Freedom of Information request to Warrington and Vale Royal College

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Dear Warrington and Vale Royal College,

Please can you provide me with your total agency spend so far in the 2021/2022 academic year along with a breakdown of which agencies that have been used and how much has been spent per agency.

Please also provide the total spend for permanent recruitment at the college , including the split between advertising, agency fees (including which agencies) and transfer fees etc.

Yours faithfully,

Bob Holmes

Laura Churchill, Warrington and Vale Royal College

Thank you for your email. Please note that I am out of the office until
Monday 18 July.  Emails will be responded to on my return.


Thank you,



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Laura Churchill, Warrington and Vale Royal College

Morning Bob,

Please find the information as requested below.

Kind regards,
Laura Churchill

Total agency spend 21/22 currently £213,217.97 Split as follows:
Boston Rose £5,757
Dovetail & Slate £7,273.30
Hunter Education £3,260.40
Jambo £114,884.95
Omnia People £68,497.80
Provision Recruitment £13,544.52

Recruitment costs:
Transfer fees to agency £29,941.53
Split as follows:
Dovetail & Slate £4,932.72
Jambo £18,238.08
JJ Fox £6,770.73

Advertising £9,049.83

Laura Churchill
Clerk to the Corporation and Data Protection Officer

Warrington & Vale Royal College
01925 494468

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