Agency spend 2021/22

Adam Clayton made this Freedom of Information request to Hadlow College

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Dear Hadlow College,

Can you provide a breakdown of money spent on Lecturers/Assessors/Learning Support via recruitment agencies for the 21/22 Academic year. Split by temporary and permanent.

Can you also specify the money spent with each specific agency and in which department?

Yours faithfully,

Adam Clayton

Kerrie Francis, Hadlow College

Dear Adam


Thank you for your FOI request which has been forwarded to me for a


You may be aware that certain provisions of West Kent and Hadlow Colleges
transferred to North Kent College on 15th August 2020 and as such this
response is provided on behalf of North Kent College, although I have
provided information related to the Hadlow Campus.  I have provided a
breakdown of money spent on staff engaged via a recruitment agency for
this academic year as you have requested below.  I am not able to provide
names of the recruitment agencies used as this information is commercially


Department Nominal Code Actual Value
Hadlow - Additional Learning Support Agency Staff £  19,861.20
Hadlow - Agriculture Agency Staff £  29,412.00
Hadlow - Animal Management Agency Staff £  40,866.72
Hadlow Foundation Studies Agency Staff £      428.40
 £  90,568.32


I believe this concludes our obligations under the FOI Act in respect of
your request.







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