Agency Spend 2018/2019

The request was successful.

Dear West Herts College,

Please can you provide me with your total agency spend so far in the 2018/2019 academic year along with a breakdown of which agencies that have been used and how much has been spent per agency.

Please also provide the total spend for permanent recruitment at the college , including the split between advertising, agency fees (including which agencies) and transfer fees etc.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Wells

Sarah Knowles, West Herts College


Thank you for your freedom of information request, we will respond in due course.



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Louise Barden, West Herts College

Dear Robert


In response to your Freedom of Information request dated 31^st July,
please find our response below.




West Herts College Group



WHC Agency / Consultancy College Spend:


Accountancy Action £7,200.00
AOC Create Ltd £58,280.40
Clarion Interpreting Ltd £1,835.40
F1rst Recruitment T/A Exede £16,449.96
Finsbury Co Ltd £5,129.28
IT Talent Solution £6,236.40
JJfox Limited £13,038.15
Platform 27 Group Limited £29,954.70
Portfolio Payroll Limited £2,494.80
Senitor Associates Ltd £3,144.00
Other external consultants £3,906.25


WHC Group Advertising:


Association Of Colleges ( AOC £   4,500.00
Eteach UK Ltd £   6,000.00
Guardian News and Media Ltd £   3,840.00
Hawksfold Media Ltd (T/A Only £   1,190.00
Online Media £   1,393.20



Barnfield Agency / Consultancy College Spend:


Agency Name Sum of costs
AOC Create Ltd 41504.16
Choice Teachers (South) Ltd 32635.02
D & A Budge Ltd 43.68
Jambo Limited 11226.6
JJfox Limited 8064
Morgan Hunt UK Ltd 24623.83
Redstart Data Consultancy 5500.3
Reed Specialist Recruitment Lt 50253.33
Teresa Cubitt Braille Coaching 1200
Other External Consultants 1676
Grand Total £176726.92






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