Agency Spend 2018/2019

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Lauren Beaumont

Dear Warwickshire College Group,

Please can you provide me with your total agency spend so far in the 2018/2019 academic year along with a breakdown of which agencies that have been used and how much has been spent per agency.

Please also provide the total spend for permanent recruitment at the college , including the split between advertising, agency fees (including which agencies) and transfer fees etc.
Many thanks in advance,

Yours faithfully,

Lauren Beaumont


Thank you for your email. Please accept this email as formal
acknowledgement of receipt of your enquiry. The Data Protection Officer
will respond to you shortly.

Kind regards

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Dear Ms Beaumont


The Warwickshire College Group (WCG) publishes its costs information in
relation to staffing within it's statutory accounts. The accounts can be
found via WCG's Publication Scheme on the following link:



You will find the information on page 40 of the accounts under Note 8 -
Contracted out staffing services.


The column heading 'College' includes staffing services of 'WCG Limited' a
wholly owned subsidiary of Warwickshire College. WCG Limited provides
human resources provision and management of human resources functions. The
company number is 02790412.


The column heading 'Group' refers to the use of external contract staff
services, i.e. those genuinely outside the Group and WCG Limited.

WCG does not hold the information pertaining to a split between
advertising, agency fees (including which agencies) and transfer fees. 


WCG is unable to provide information broken down by agency and is applying
the absolute exemption at section 41(1) of the Freedom of Information

Act 2000: information provided in confidence. The disclosure of the
information into the public domain, as broken down by agency, combined
with the associated spend per agency would constitute a breach of
confidence actionable by that agency or those agencies.


WCG is also applying the qualified exemption at section 43 of the Freedom
of Information Act 2000: prejudicial to commercial interests. This
exemption permits public authorities to protect its own commercial
interests and those third parties with whom it engages. With regard to the
application of the public interest test, WCG believes that the factors
that weigh in favour of withholding this information include:


1)     disclosure would make it less likely that companies or individuals
would provide WCG with commercially sensitive information in the future
and consequently undermine the ability of WCG to fulfil its role; and

2)     disclosure would be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of
WCG by affecting adversely its bargaining position during contractual
negotiations which would result in the less effective use of public money.


I have attached a list of the agencies that WCG consults from time to

This response constitutes WCG's full response to your request for


Please find attached WCG's Information Rights Appeal Procedure in the
event that you are not satisfied with either the way in which your request
has been dealt with or the response received.

Kind regards

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