Afghanistan Locally Employed Staff Intimidation Policy

Waiting for an internal review by Ministry of Defence of their handling of this request.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Under FOIA I request the following information or the location of the information on the internet.

A copy of the current UK policy relating to the investigation of intimidation cases reported by current or former locally employed staff in Afghanistan.

I also request answers to the questions below which are based-upon to the information at this link -

Is the expert team mentioned in the link above still in Afghanistan?

If so, how many members make up this team and what are their job titles and specific roles?

It is described as an expert team, what qualifies the team members as experts in the field of investigating the intimidation of locally employed staff in Afghanistan?

How many cases has the team investigated since 1 January 2016?

How were those cases resolved? Please give a breakdown of how the cases were resolved (number resolved by security advice, relocation within Afghanistan, relocation to the UK, other (please specify))

The link mentions bespoke security advice. Of those individuals' cases that were resolved with security advice, how many were given bespoke advice and how many were given general security advice?

After assistance to relocate within Afghanistan or security advice has been provided at the end of the process, what checks are in place to ensure that the assistance provided has been successful and that the individual has not been killed?

Yours faithfully,

Rose Curling

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Good afternoon,

I have three questions to add to this request

1 - During what hours is telephone number 0792 907 303 monitored by a member of the team?

2. How many members does a Theatre Intimidation Assessment Review Panel (TIARP) have and what are their roles and experience in investigating intimidation?

3. What documents of policy does the Theatre Intimidation Assessment Review Panel (TIARP) refer to when making its decision? I would like to see those documents.

Yours faithfully,

Rose Curling

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Ministry of Defence's handling of my FOI request 'Afghanistan Locally Employed Staff Intimidation Policy'.

By law I should have received a response to my request by the 11th of December 2017.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,

Rose Curling


1 Attachment

Dear Ms Curling,


On behalf of the information holders, please find the attached
correspondence which was prepared for release in early December however,
due to a changeover of IT software at that time, was not emailed to you. 
Having discussed your request with the information holders today, they
have since advised that the amount of information required is taking
longer than normal to compile and would wish to further adjust the target
date to 19 January 2018.


Please accept our apologies for the lengthy delay and any inconvenience


Yours sincerely,

PJHQ J9 FOI Secretariat




I now also request the specific relating to the 'changeover of IT software' (what IT software was being changed and what were the dates of this?) and I also request the specific reason why it is taking too long to provide the information requested.

Yours sincerely,

Rose Curling

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