Dear Ministry of Defence,

Under UK freedom of information act, I request answers to questions about afghanistan ex gratia scheme

1. How many locally employed staff have bennefitted from ex gratia scheme to date?

2. How many of those were eligible for uk relocation choice?

3. How many of those eligible for uk relocation choice took that choice?

4. How many locally employed staff have relocated to uk from this scheme?

5. What criteria must a locally employed staff fulfil to be eligible for uk choice?

6. What documents are used to as reference to check eligibility for uk choice? I request copies of those documents.

7. How many of people only eligible for choices one and twi have appealed for uk relocation?

8. How many appeals for the uk relocation choice have been successful?

9. Is there a process for complaints about ex gratia schemefor uk relocation? what is that process?

Yours faithfully,

Aziz Azizabad


1 Attachment

Dear Mr Azizabad,


On behalf of the information holders, please find the attached
correspondence in respect of your Freedom of Information request dated 8
November 2017.


Yours sincerely,

PJHQ J9 FOI Secretariat




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