Aeronautical Engineering Admission Statistics for 2022 October Entry

Imperial College London did not have the information requested.

Anir Florian Massin Bensaid

Dear Imperial College London,

• Number of total Applicants for 2022 October Entry
• Percentages of the applicants who were given an interview
• Percentage of the total applicants who were successful in the interview and given an offer
• percentage of total applicants who firmed the offer
• percentage of total applicants who ended up meeting the offer

Yours faithfully,

Anir Florian Massin Bensaid

IMPFOI, Imperial College London

Dear Anir Florian Massin Bensaid,

Thank you for your Freedom of Information Act request.

Thank you for your Freedom of Information Act request. Imperial College publishes undergraduate admissions statistics for the past 5 completed admissions cycles. These include:

Number of applicants, offers and places confirmed

Average BMAT Scores

Details of A level, IB and STEP Offers Made

New Entrants' Achieved A level and IB Grades

Admissions Rate by Nationality

The published information can be accessed at the transparency pages of our website: (scroll to the bottom of the page to the link “Download the Undergraduate Admission Statistics”). Information is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (Section 21) if it is already reasonably accessible to the requester. The published figures are updated annually (usually in January/February). Information that is intended for future publication is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act by virtue of Section 22 of the Act.

Imperial College intends to publish undergraduate interview statistics along with the published admissions statistics. These figures should be available in the early summer of 2023.  


Freedom of Information Team
Imperial College London 

Please note that if you are unhappy with the way that we have handled your request, you can ask us to conduct a review. Please make your representation in writing within 40 days of the date you received this response. If you remain dissatisfied with how Imperial College has handled your request, you may then approach the Information Commissioner’s Office.   

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