This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Adult's, Children's and Education Organisational Structure'.

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Leah Overend
30 April 2020
Dear Leah Overend
Freedom of Information Act 2000, Reference: FOI-5338-2020
The council has completed its search relating to your request about Adult's, Children's and Education
Organisational Structure received on Tue, 21 Apr 2020.
Please provide the organisational structure charts (including names, job tile and contact details) for the Adult
Social Care, Children's Social Care and Education directorate covering the following job titles:
Director, assistant director, Head of Service, Service Manager.
The council does hold information within the definition of your request.
Please see attached.
Most of the information that we provide in response to requests submitted under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 will be subject to copyright protection. In most
cases the copyright will be owned by Cumbria County Council. However the copyright in other information may
be owned by another person or organisation, as indicated on the information itself.
You are free to use any information supplied in this response for your own non-commercial research or private
study purposes. The information may also be used for any other purpose allowed by a limitation or exception
in copyright law, such as news reporting. However, any other type of re-use, for example by publishing the
information in analogue or digital form, including on the internet, will require the permission of the copyright
owner. Where the copyright owner is the council you will need to make an application under the Re-use of
Public Sector Information Regulations 2005.
For information where the copyright is owned by another person or organisation you must apply to the owner
to obtain their permission.
If you are dissatisfied with the way the council has responded to your request you can request an Internal

Review.  If you would like to request a Review please contact the Information Governance Team using the
details at the top of this letter.    
If you have any issues relating to this letter you should attempt to resolve them, in the first instance, with the
council, by requesting an Internal Review.  If you would like to request a Review please contact the
Information Governance Team using the details at the top of this letter. 
Further information can be found on the council’s website:
Yours sincerely
Information Governance Team