Adult Social Care Spending England

Carlisle City Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Carlisle City Council,

For the past seven financial years:
1. How much has the council spent on Adult Social Care (“ASC”) as a whole?
2. How much of the total ASC budget has been paid out as direct payments? What is the total number of hours that are being commissioned?
3. How much does the council spend on care providers directly commissioned by the local authority? Of this, how much is for domiciliary care support? What is the total number of hours that are being commissioned both in total and just for domiciliary care/support?
4. How much does the council spend on the administration of adult social care? Please include staffing costs e.g. management, support services, finance, secretaries, social workers or similar. It would be helpful if you could break this down by seniority and then include the number of employees in each category (i.e. social workers = X number of employees, costs X per annum).
5. Please indicate the total number of employees employed by ASC.
6. How many of your local authority’s customers are in receipt of a direct payment for Care Act services?
7. How many of your local authority’s customers are in receipt of support directly commissioned by the local authority? We are only referring to domiciliary care support.
8. As part of your duties under the Care Act, do you signpost Direct Payment users to support services such as payroll providers? |f so, which providers are signposted to?
9. Can you provide the names of the payroll providers used by your direct payment recipients, and how many direct payment recipient use each provider?
10. Does the council pay any payroll providers directly and if so, how much?
11. Please indicate the number of direct payment recipients that use a) supported bank account, b) pre-paid and c) traditional payment into client’s bank account (ie. separate account client uses only for their direct payment)?

Please ensure figures are given in a consistent format (i.e. stick to the financial year), I would like to receive the quantitative data requested (costs, number of hours, number of people etc) In accordance with ICO guidance on data sets, in a re-usable Excel format.

Yours faithfully,


Carlisle City Council

Dear Daniel,


Thank you for your request for information about Adult Social Care
Spending which was received on 26/09/2022. Your request has been handled
under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and has been given
the reference 00001872.

Your request for information has now been considered.  However, Carlisle
City Council is not responsible for Adult Social Care in the area,
therefore, we do not hold the information under section 1(1) of the
Freedom of Information Act.  

However, the information you request may be held by Cumbria County Council
which is responsible for Adult Social Care. Freedom of Information
requests can be submitted to Cumbria County Council by using their
[1]online request form or by
emailing  [2][email address

If you have any queries about this email, please contact me.  Please
remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.

Kind regards,

Information Team

Carlisle City Council

Civic Centre



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