Admissions Policy Consultation questions - September 2022

The authority would like to / has responded by postal mail to this request.

Dear Wycombe High School,
Please provide the following information regarding your proposal to allocate a number of priority admissions to disadvantaged year 7 pupils.

1. Copies of reports, the meeting of minutes and any other evidence used by WHS that justify and/or provide reasons for the proposed policy change.
2. Copies of any evidence from the test provider supporting this change.
3. copy me on the details and outcomes of the Impact Assessment that you have carried out, under the Equalities legislation, to assess the impact of your proposals on
non-selective secondary schools in High Wycombe'.

Yours faithfully,

Derek Berry

Office, Wycombe High School

Good afternoon

Thank you for your e-mail, dated Tuesday 15 December 2020, the contents of which have been noted. We will respond within twenty working days.

Kind regards

Kate Killinger  EA to the Headteacher
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Dear Office,

Please let me know the date that you intend to answer the Freedom of information Request. It is important that this information is received prior to the end date of the WHS disadvantaged pupil admission consultation.

Yours sincerely,

Derek Berry

Office, Wycombe High School

Thank you for your email.  Please note that following instruction from the
UK Government, Wycombe High School is working remotely from Tuesday 5
January 2021 until further notice.  
Students and parents

* Teaching is online via Microsoft Teams and OneNote
* Regular updates will continue to be sent via SchoolComms.  Letters,
updates and wellbeing resources can also be located on the Parent
* If you or a member of your close family has a confirmed case of
Coronavirus, please email [email address]
* If your email relates to a serious concern for the immediate safety or
wellbeing of a student outside school hours, please contact the police
on 101 or 999, or Social Care on 01296 383962 (daytime) or 0800
9997677 (out of hours).
* If you are a student and need advice or support outside school hours
please speak to a parent / family member, health professional or
contact a helpline.  

If your contact is a general enquiry relating to the COVID-19 virus please
refer to the Government Guidelines


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