Admissions appeals Royal Latin School

Glynn Freeman made this Freedom of Information request to The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools did not have the information requested.

Dear The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools,

Please disclose the following data for the Royal Latin School:

The number of admissions appeals received for the start of the current academic year
The number of students admitted following appeal
The mean and highest STSS scores for the cohort admitted for Sept 2019
Please provide the following data for EACH student admitted following appeal in a table, the data disclosed under the headings:
STSS Score
Looked After Y/N
Distance from school to home address in miles
Pupil Premium Y/N
Sibling in School

Please also provide the same data for EACH student NOT admitted following appeal.

Yours faithfully,

Glynn Freeman

TBGS, The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools

Dear Mr Freeman
Thank you for your email. You will need to refer this request to The Royal
Latin School as your request pertains to information specific to that
school. TBGS does not hold that information.
Mark Sturgeon
The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools

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