Admission Statistics - 2021/2022 MSc Computing

Alfie Baines made this Freedom of Information request to Imperial College London

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Imperial College London,

I would like to know the following information about

MSc Advanced Computing (1 year full-time)
MSc Artificial Intelligence (1 year full-time)
MSc Computing (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) (1 year full-time)
MSc Computing (Management and Finance) (1 year full-time)
MSc Computing (Security and Reliability) (1 year full-time)
MSc Computing (Software Engineering) (1 year full-time)
MSc Computing (1 year full-time)

for the sessions 2021/2022 if any data is available.

For 2021/2022 entry, for each above MSc programme:
1. Total number of applicants
2. Total number of offers until now
3. Total number of offers for Chinese students until now
4. Total number of students accepted their offer until now
5. Total number of Chinese students accepted their offer until now

Yours faithfully,

Alfie Baines

IMPFOI, Imperial College London

Dear Mr Baines,

Thank you for your Freedom of Information Act request, below. Imperial College is planning to publish postgraduate admission statistics for all postgraduate programmes. This will include:

Number of applicants, offers and places confirmed

Admissions Rate by Nationality

We expect that this information will be available on the transparency pages of our website ( by the end of August 2021. Information that is intended for future publication is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act by virtue of Section 22 of the Act. The published figures will be updated annually.
If you are unhappy with the way that we have handled your request, you can ask us to conduct a review. Please make your representation in writing within 40 days of the date you received this response. If you remain dissatisfied with how Imperial College has handled your request, you may then approach the Information Commissioner’s Office.   


Freedom of Information Team
Imperial College London 

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