Admission Data by Nationality, Domicile, and Course

All Souls College, Oxford did not have the information requested.

Dear All Souls College, Oxford,

Could I please request the following information:

Admission data of admitted students by
(i) Nationality; and
(ii) Domicile; and
(iii) Course, for the past 5 academic years.

Yours faithfully,
Cheryl L.

Sarah Beaver, All Souls College, Oxford

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Dear Cheryl L,

This is written in response to request [email address].

I apologise for the delay in responding to this request. All Souls College is a research focused college comprising Fellows only. Between one and three candidates a year are elected to Fellowships by Examination in November each year and these will normally already be registered for a higher degree at another College or have obtained their undergraduate degree from Oxford so will already have been admitted to the University before they come to All Souls. The attached file contains the data you request.
Yours sincerely,

Dr Sarah Beaver
Bursar/Academic Administrator
All Souls College
Oxford, OX1 4AL

Telephone: +44(0)1865-279332 (Internal -79332)
E-mail: [All Souls College request email]

All Souls College is a registered charity – number 1138057

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