Administrative Quality Control regarding letters sent to benefit claimants.

Mark made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

Department for Work and Pensions did not have the information requested.

From: Mark

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Your records may show that after winning an appeal on 4-10-2011,
the DWP placed me in the WRAG, for which I was informed in a letter
from the DWP dated 08-11-2011, which led to an appointment with
ingeus (work programme provider) on
03-01-2012. which I dutifully attended.

I then received a letter, dated 6/02/12 that stated "We wrote to
you on 28-Nov-2011 asking for your reasons for not attending the
assessment but we have not received a reply.”
“A decision maker has decided that you are capable of work from
This means that we have decided that you are no longer entitled to
Employment and Support Allowance."

These are the facts of this issue:
I did not receive an ESA50 form to fill out and send in.
I did not receive a letter to attend a WCA on 23-Nov-2011.
I did not receive a letter dated 28-11-2011 asking for reasons for
not attending the WCA.
The letters I have received stating that I did not attend a WCA,
presume that I did receive these letters, or that these letters
were actually sent.
I did not receive any such invitations to attend a WCA. If I did, I
would have most certainly attended this appointment.
I had an agonising year going through the appeal process in order
to be placed in the WRAG. For people with severe mental health
issues, this has practically negated ALL the treatment and therapy
I have engaged in for the past 2 years.

Now I have been told I must appeal against a decision that stated
that I was non compliant for a reasonable request. That could have
only resulted as an administrative error, since I never received
the aforementioned correspondence in question.

My request is receive the names of the Administrative 'Quality
Control' individuals and a brief outline of the structure of this
(Quality Control) section of the Department of Work and Pensions,
and how such an error could occur. I would also like to request the
following letters:
The letter asking me to attend a Work Capability assessment dated
The letter asking me for my reasons for not attending the
dated 28-11-2011
Below is the local Benefit Centre for my area.

Sunderland Benefit Centre
Jobcentre Plus
NE92 1BR
In other words, who allows letters to be issued to a claimant,
which they never receive, and yet are penalised completely and with
absolutely no means of support, or legal recourse.

Yours faithfully,

ESA Denied after being allowed.

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From: DWP Adelphi Freedom-of-Information-Request
Department for Work and Pensions

This is an automated confirmation that your request for information has
been received at the DWP Central FoI Team.

We will forward your request to the relevant information owner within the
Department who will respond to you direct. 

Should you also have any further queries in connection with this request
do please contact us.

For further information on the Freedom of Information Act within DWP
please click on the link below.


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From: DWP Adelphi Freedom-of-Information-Request
Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Mark,

Please find attached response to your request.


Central FoI Team.

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