Adjuvants in Experimental vaccine combinations Gulf War 90/91

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Ministry of Defence should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Reading the limited data surrounding the vaccines subjected to troops in Operation Granby!

Leaving the difference of opinions on squalene to one side for the moment.

British licenced Anthrax vaccine (That has been insinuated was used however with little conviction from any foi reply) . Probably as other data states British developed an Anthrax using a U.S formula. Which explains why Dr Anna Johnson Winegar was making several trips to Porton Down England at the time (Also in the data).

Leaving this to one side too for the moment and work with the British licenced vaccine scenario.

British licenced Anthrax contains Aluminium as it's adjuvant (presumably for single use) . It states Pertusis was used purely as an added adjuvant . Pertusis also contains aluminium as it's adjuvant designed for single use. We have looked at the licenced plague vaccine from the U.S. which was used.
It also contains aluminium. Without other vaccines and drugs administered to
troops this alone suggests at least 3 x a safe level of adjuvant was administered.
The pertusis was introduced off the back of some experiments carried out by Porton Down on animals. Putting the fact that Jeremy Metters and his experts at NISBC warned MOD of the severe loss of condition in animals combing just the Anthrax and pertusis. This did not even account for the plague that also contained aluminium.

(As far as we can see NISBC experts forwarded WARNING - animals suffering serious loss of condition even before being exposed to anthrax/pertusis/boosters combined with plague 3 weeks following initial combo's)

The over stimulisation of the immune system can quite easily cause the autoimmune conditions in us. As the Italian Study 2018 confirms.

My request for data is as follows -

Q1 - Is there any data that states any of these adjuvants were removed from these vaccines for the purpose of this experiment of combinations on our troops? Or data that even suggests that any of the adjuvants were removed or reduced?

If there is no data, it is crystal clear that here lies the cause of the epidemic levels of autoimmune conditions throughout this cohort of troops! With only 3 weeks between booster vaccines ( MUST be minimum 4 weeks confirmed in DHE Green Book vaccine safety). So more of the same subjected to the immune system without enough time to be able to recover from the initial combinations.

Data used- Background to Countermeasures


gavin roberts

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Ministry of Defence's handling of my FOI request 'Adjuvants in Experimental vaccine combinations Gulf War 90/91'.

Once again, MOD continue to break the LAW with ample time given to respond to a request within the LAW. I will clarify, even though I have not been requested to do so.
Is there any data even if only suggesting that any of the aluminum adjuvant or any other adjuvant was removed or reduced within the experimental vaccine combinations before subjecting them to our troops in the Gulf War 90/91?

Please DO NOT copy and paste in the Background to the use of Countermeasures link, as there is no mention throughout it!

Please stop breaking the LAW with these responses. We have thousands of sick veterans and the families of dead veterans they deserve far better than this. MOD said many times they would leave no stone unturned. Unfortunately their actions have not backed this up. This seems to be repeated throughout history when it comes to veterans. Everybody loves them when they are fighting their Wars. Until they come home. Then it is say nice things in public but the reality is sweep everything under the carpet behind closed doors. We are not letting this happen. MOD are showing themselves for what they really are to the general public and the world on here. A judge will also view the treatment of veterans this year too.

Like we've said all along. Do not drag yourselves down with the corrupt adminisrrations of the past.

We look forward to a response as required by LAW.

Gavin Roberts

On behalf of Veterans

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please confirm receipt of this request for an internal review


Gavin Roberts
On behalf of sick Veterans

CIO-FOI-IR (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

Dear Mr Roberts,


Thank you for your emails to this office, received during September and
October which relate to the following requests:


MOD evidence that any other exposure other than experimental vaccines
caused epedemic levels of chronic autoimmune sickness in troops( Now



Pertusis date of purchase and supplier for the titles Vaccine Interaction
Research 2005/2006



Adjuvants in Experimental vaccine combinations Gulf War 90/91



Vaccine Data Used in 2005/2006 Research



Please be assured that the Department is aware of your outstanding
requests and we have been advised that responses will be sent to you, but
we are currently unable to provide you with a timescale.


Unfortunately, we are not in a position to conduct substantive internal
reviews into the handling of these requests until final responses have
been provided to you. It does, however, appear that MOD has failed to
respond to a number of requests within 20 working days and has therefore
breached section 10 of the FOI Act. We apologise for any inconvenience
caused by the delays that you have experienced.


Should you remain dissatisfied with the responses when they are provided
to you, please contact us again.


Under the FOI Act, you have an absolute right to appeal to the Information
Commissioner under the provisions of section 50 of the Act regardless of
whether the public authority concerned has provided a response or
completed an internal review.



MOD Information Rights Compliance Team


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We cannot see a reason for MOD not to respond to the requests within the already generous due to Covid extended LEGAL timescales. Please explain, unless it is due to MOD have recovered so much data displaying even more corruption (if that is even possible!) for the requests, that they are struggling to cope/ reply having to deal with the corruption/cover up that is being uncovered. Then MOD could have simply just informed us that they are snowed underneath the corruption and we could totally understand that workload, having been dealing with it for 30 months now ourselves having become aware.

The question is, is current MOD staff prepared to put their names to the previous corruption and cover up? Veterans will achieve their justice soon . We are about to release the 30 month report/investigation into this matter, in the next few weeks.

Which side of history does current MOD staff choose to be on?
The corrupt past side?(AKA soon to be exposed side) or with the new government United/Levelling initiatives then walk alongside Veterans exposing the corruption surrounding the Major&Blair governments?

We can't be any fairer than that, you are fully aware of 70% of what we're about to reveal, As we have been discussing through foi for 2 years now. The way forward is to work with us, certainly not ignore us or play the games of the past corrupt administrations. The cat is out of the bag. That is clear.

Your legals have our email, we can sit down with our legals. Or we can have it all out in public. You decide. Doing nothing is not the answer. By our side ? Or against us? Please let us know MOD legals final decision.

Kind Regards,

Gavin Roberts
On behalf of the thousands of sick and fallen Gulf War Veterans families.


We would just like to add that MOD are responding to to others and their requests within the normal timescales???Please explain why it is sick Gulf War Veterans are not only NOT being prioritised, but are being discriminated against delaying for months? We can't think of another cohort of veterans dealing with corruptions & Cover ups or any other that could possibly be now in front of us in a queue for data. Are current MOD struggling to match veterans standards and values of integrity?
All we ask is for honesty, transparency and work within the LAWS of the land. We feel this is not too much to ask for.

Kind Regards,

Gavin Roberts
On behalf of Sick Gulf War veterans and the families of the fallen.

People-Sec-FOI Mailbox (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Roberts,

With apologies for the delay in responding to you, please find attached
response to some of your recent FOI requests to the Ministry of Defence.




Defence People Secretariat