Actions taken to comply with Public Contracts Regulations 2015

The request was partially successful.

Dear Yate Town Council,

I would like to request details on Yate's implementation of electronic procurement and electronic communication processes since the final deadline outlined to public sector organisations (18th October 2018) as per guidance from the cabinet office (Updated October 2016);

The guidance explains further the Public Contracts Regulations (2015) requirements for contracting authorities to have implemented a number of electronic processes covering;

- Free and unrestricted electronic availability of procurement documents is required
(Regulation 53)

- Rules on oral communications, data integrity, and permitted types of
communication apply (Regulations 22(8)-(12) and 121)

I would like to use this freedom of information request, to discover what actions have been taken by the council to facilitate compliance with the rules, and promote traceability, transparency and auditability in the procurement process.

Yours faithfully,
Aaron Law

Julia Alden, Yate Town Council

Dear Aaron

Thank you for your email.

Details are shown within our Financial Regulations shown on our website;

Contracts for tender are shown on "Contract Finder".

Kind regards

Julia Alden
Service Support Manager
Yate Town Council
01454 866509 
 01454 866514
  [email address]

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