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Actions of Lorraine Batchelor and the School

P Vrana made this Freedom of Information request to Lawrence Sheriff School

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Dear Lawrence Sheriff School,

I am investigating the actions of the Lawrence Sheriff School relating to the manner in which the school place of a child of Indian heritage was withdrawn contrary to the lawful application of the school’s published admissions policy in 2013. I understand that the school was found at serious fault by the Local Government Ombudsman and found at fault by an Independent Appeals Panel.

Lorraine Batchelor told the parent in question that he did not receive a year 7 pack as his son’s name was not on the list and the Council had not sent a label. This was contrary to the fact the child had been offered a place via Warwickshire County Council at a time the place had not been lawfully withdrawn and the Council confirmed the child was on a list of names of children provided with a place.

Lorraine Batchelor had been working at the school for years and must have known the Council had not sent labels for such purposes for years.

Question 1. Why did Lorraine Batchelor lie to the parent? Is she in intrinsically dishonest and simply a person happy to lie or is there some other reason? Was she told to lie, if so by who, and why? Was she disciplined for making false statements?

Question 2. Who at the school was responsible for sending out year 7 packs in 2013 and who was involved in the process?

Question 3 Who is responsible and involved for sending information packs in 2019?

The Council sent a list of children who were offered places at the school for 2013 entry. It appears via email.

Question 5: How was this documents supplied, was it indeed via email, if not how?

Question 6: On What date was it sent?

Question 7: On what date was it received?

Question 8: To whom was it sent E.g. which email address?

Question 9: When was the document opened?

Question 10: Which people have access to the document?

Question 11: When was the document first used?

Question 12: Is the document used for planning and budget reasons, for example how many pupil premium children have been offered places at the school, so it would know how much extra funding the school would received?

Question 13: Is the document used to ascertain how many SEN child have been offered places, so the school can plan?

Question 14: Is it used to print labels to send year 7 induction/information packs?

Question 15. In 2013 how were labels created? Which list of students was used to extract address details to send information packs, if it was not the list of candidates sent by the Council?

Yours faithfully,

P Vrana

Freedom Information, Lawrence Sheriff School

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are P Vrana please sign in and let everyone know.