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Independent Office for Police Conduct

With reference to:

'Public confidence in policing is best served by robust and independent oversight. People need to know that when things go wrong, or serious allegations are made about police officers, they will be thoroughly investigated by a truly independent body.'


'By law, forces must refer certain matters to us, for instance:
- certain complaints made to their force – such as those that include an allegation of serious corruption or serious assault
- indications of misconduct by police officers and staff – for example an indication that a criminal offence has been committed or that a serious injury has been caused'

Please respond to the following:

1. Please advice by what measures and procedures your organisation guarantees that police forces abide by the law regarding referrals to you

2. Please advise, by year between 1 January 2015 to current date 1 November 2019:
2a. how many complaints were made directly to you by the public and redirected by you back to the relevant police force for self-governance
2b. how many complaints initially addressed by self-governance were subsequently referred by police forces to you for investigation and resolution

3. Please clarify how your organisation can 'ensure clear lines of accountability and a streamlined decision-making process' when, by definition, self-governance ensures that police forces will be authorised to oversee their own actions for legitimacy and legality without any requirement from you to be accountable to your organisation as an external authority

4. 'Minister for Policing and the Fire Service Nick Hurd said:
We are absolutely determined to make the police complaints and discipline systems simpler and more transparent for the benefit of the public. We want confidence in policing to continue to grow and be underpinned by the vital role the reformed IOPC will play.'

With reference to the issue of accountability raised in 3., what measures have your organisation set in place to make the police complaints and discipline systems simpler and more transparent for the benefit of the public and ensure public confidence in police accountability will grow?

S Rhosier

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!Request Info, Independent Office for Police Conduct

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