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Access to work scheme

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I would like to request the following under the freedom of Information act:

1. Details of your complaints policy for access to work for employers who wish to complain about the service provided including contact email.
2. Details of training provided for Access to work advisers.
3. Details of the guidance that must be followed when access to work request an agreement in principle for costs from employers i.e.is a telephone call via a switchboard with no way to identify the caller acceptable in line with your guidance even when the employer requests for the request to be made via email?
4.Details of the number of Access to work advisers currently employed.
5. Details of how Access to work advisers are permitted to raise complaints to employers- are they allowed to do this as individuals or do they have to do this via their supervisors/ centrally?
6. Details of how responses to complaints from employers are managed i.e. can an individual state they are not happy with the response or does this need to be done at an organisational level?
7. Details of how Access to work advisors are managed and monitored i.e. can they decide when and how they work? are they monitored?
8.Details of timescales for managing access to work claims including if an advisor can choose to ignore a claim in order to make a complaint.
9. Details on if an access to work advisor is permitted to tell an employer that they will cancel an employees claim if an agreement in principle is not made verbally (when the employer has requested for this to be in writing)?
10. Details of how many different 01422 861 access to work extensions there are.
11. Details of on if telephone calls from access to work to employers on the 01422 numbers are recorded. If yes, how are employers informed of this (there is no recorded message)? If yes, for what purpose are the recordings i.e. for training purposes only? If yes can an access to work advisors access the recordings for their own aims? If yes, how does this comply with GDPR given that a recording comes under the personal data category. If yes how do employers get access to recordings of telephone conversations they have had with access to work advisors.

Yours faithfully,


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Dear Jan,

I am writing in response to your request for information, received 15th

Yours sincerely,

DWP Central FoI Team

We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Jan please sign in and let everyone know.