Dear Heythrop College,

For the years 2015 and 2016, please publish the total amount paid to each of the following publishers for academic journals:

Taylor & Francis
De Gruyter
Royal Society of Chemistry
Institute of Physics Publishing

I understand that your expenditure records may be held in academic financial years rather than calendar years. If so, I am happy for the response to be provided in the same format, with figures for 2014/15, and 2015/16.

The figures should include payments made directly to the publishers as well as any payments made to subscription agents or intermediaries for the purchase of, and/or access to, the publishers' academic journals. They should also include payment for journal packages such as Jisc Collections agreements, as well as for individual journals. Please include VAT where possible.

I realise that since you are a specialist institution, some of the figures will be zero.

Yours faithfully,

Stuart Lawson

Saladin Rospigliosi, Heythrop College

Dear Mr Lawson


Thank you for your enquiry.


Total amounts paid to publishers for academic journals in 2015 and 2016.
(All figures include VAT where applicable)


Publisher                                             2015               

Wiley                                                   £1443.65        
Springer                                               £206.45          
0                      0
Taylor & Francis                                  £2856.94        
De Gruyter                                          £939.51          
Sage                                                     £2589.34        
Royal Society of Chemistry                 0                      0
Institute of Physics Publishing                       
0                      0


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Thank you again for your enquiry


Best wishes



Mr Saladin Rospigliosi

Director of Administration

Heythrop College

University of London

Kensington Square

W8 5HN


020 7795 4269

[2][email address]






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Dear Saladin,

Thanks very much for providing the information.

Kind regards,

Stuart Lawson

Saladin Rospigliosi, Heythrop College

Saladin Rospigliosi is out of the office until Wednesday 21 December

For urgent matters please contact Karoline Wilhelm-Brown,
[email address]


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