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Andreea Andrei made this Freedom of Information request to The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

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The request was partially successful.

Dear The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation,

I am writing you this email because I need to seek guidance and want to complaint regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine because I am living in the same household with an vulnerable person, that person is my dad, who is a cancer patience. I am unbale to work from home through the nature of the job I am doing, I work full time in an accountancy firm, and we are the key between clients and the practice. That's why, I'm very anxious, distress that every day I have to put the people I live with in the same household under the same pressure. That's why I want to address this matter to higher authorities. This is causing a lot of distress to myself and my family. My job can't be done from home, but as I stated I am the one who goes out, keeping myself the distance and follow the rules, still this is a very concerning situation for myself and my family.
I have already made a complaint to the local health centre in my area. Their answer was : “ Good morning,

The people booking the appointment are not ourselves and are from another part of the NHS and therefore we are unable to offer any advice on the service. We do know that those who are unable to make it to Epsom will be contacted again. / we do not know the exact reason as to why some have been invited and others have not just yet.

I am sure you can appreciate how hard people are working to call as many patients as they can a day to book but they have assured us that they are working their way down the list as quickly as possible.

Please hold on, you will be called.

Kind regards,
Chertsey HC”

Yours faithfully,

Andreea Andrei

Jcvi, The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

Thank you for your email which has been noted. The Secretariat are dealing
with a large volume of queries concerning the advice of JCVI on priority
groups for COVID-19 vaccination and will endeavour to respond queries on
this. Your patience is gratefully appreciated.


JCVI continues to work on the consideration and review of vaccines for
COVID-19 and advice for the COVID-19 vaccination programme and will
publish further advice at the appropriate time.


The latest statement concerning JCVIs advice on this is available at:


The JCVI statement on first dose prioritisation is available at:



The latest published minutes of JCVI meetings are available at:


Further detail on the groups considered a priority and eligible for
COVID-19 vaccination in the first phase of the COVID-19 vaccination
programme is available from the Green Book immunisation against infectious
Disease chapter on COVID-19 at:

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FOI, The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

Dear Andreea Andrei

We acknowledge receipt of your email and request for information, which will be treated as a request for information under statutory access legislation.

Please note that requests under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) will receive a response within 20 working days from the day following the date of receipt of your request.

If the request is for your personal data, your request has been handled as a data subject access request (SAR) under Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), then we will respond within one month of the receipt of the request.

Public Health England (PHE) is responsible for providing guidance and advice to government and front-line services for all aspects of public health. It is a designated Category 1 responder organisation under the Civil Contingency Act and this specifically includes the COVID-19 response, providing clinical expertise and wider public health advice and guidance across national and local government, the NHS and third sector. As such, you may experience delays when making statutory information access requests during the pandemic.

We will aim to address all requests promptly and within the required response timeframes. However when we are unable to meet the response timeframe we will keep requesters updated on a revised expected timescale for a response to their request. The Information Commissioner recognises this position in its recent guidance, see link: https://ico.org.uk/global/data-protectio...

Public Accountability Unit
Public Health England
[email address]
Tel: 020 8327 6920
www.gov.uk/phe Follow us on Twitter @PHE uk

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Phe.Complaints, The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

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Dear Andreea Andrei


Thank you for your email of 17 January to Public Health England (PHE)
regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. I am sorry to read of the distress and
anxiety that has been caused to you, due to not receiving the vaccination.


You explained in your email that you are living with a vulnerable person,
and require the COVID-19 vaccination.


The remit of PHE is to protect and improve the nation’s health and
wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. We do this through world-leading
science, knowledge and intelligence, advocacy, partnerships and the
delivery of specialist public health services.  We are an executive agency
of the Department of Health and Social Care, and a distinct delivery
organisation with operational autonomy. We provide government, local
government, the NHS, Parliament, industry and the public with
evidence-based professional, scientific and delivery expertise and


We do not, however, have responsibility for the overall national
vaccination programme.


Regarding prioritisation of vaccinations, the list of COVID-19 vaccine
priority groups has been published by the Joint Committee on Vaccination
and Immunisation (JCVI).


The JCVI has advised that for Phase 1 of the COVID-19 Vaccine Programme
and the first priorities should be the prevention of COVID-19 mortality
and the protection of health and social care staff and systems. JCVI has
published the prioritisation list for COVID-19 vaccination which is
largely prioritised by age due to the strong association of older age and
mortality from COVID-19. Those considered clinically extremely vulnerable
have also been prioritised for vaccination and those in clinical risk
groups aged 16 years and over. Please see [1]priority groups for
coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination for more information.


Immunisations against Infectious Disease (The Green Book) outlines in more
detail the advice of the JCVI on those who should prioritised and are
eligible for COVID-19 vaccination during the first phase of the programme.
The Green Book is available at:


As the vaccine rollout is being managed by the NHS, you may wish to
contact NHS England Customer Contact Centre by telephone on 0300 311 22 33
or by email at [3][email address] to give feedback.


I apologise I could not be of direct assistance, but hope the information
provided is helpful.


Yours sincerely


Complaints Officer



[5]www.gov.uk.phe Follow us on Twitter:


Protecting and improving the nation’s health


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