A TR110 direction issed to Middlesbrough Borough Council in March 2011 on a number of new housing development planning applications

Robert Mullen made this Freedom of Information request to Highways Agency

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Highways Agency,

In March 2011 the Highways Agency issued a TR110 direction direction restricting the granting of planning permission by the local Planning Authority on planning application M/OUT/0226/11/P (Residential development of up to 295 dwellings, Community Centre and associated access, Grey Towers Farm, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough). The direction was extended for a further six month period in September 2011. The application was considered by the Council Planning Committee on 09 December 2011 and was deemed "minded to approve" along with a number of other similar large-scale housing applications pending the lifting of the HA TR110 direction. The the TR110 was then extended for a further six months in March 2012.

All attempts by impacted residents to obtain information from Middlesbrough Council on the reasons for such a long delay by the Highways Agency in arriving at a decision have met with no success.

I am requesting under Freedom of Information, as an resident of Nunthorpe impacted by the Grey Towers Farm application, if the Highways Agency is willing to inform me of the reasons for such a long delay and, if possible, why they are not able to come to an agreement with the number of developers involved with the various planning applications.

For clarification I state that I am strongly against eventual granting of planning permission for this specific planning application.

Yours faithfully,
Robert Mullen,

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Hoult, Michael,

Dear Mr Mullen,
With respect to your FOI request dated 16 August, I would appreciate it if
you could provide me with a contact number so I can call you at your
convenience to discuss your request.
Kind Regards
Michael Hoult
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