A. Stanley Official Reciever Chatham - County Court Maidstone instead sending out Bankrutpcy Orders ?

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Dear Insolvency Practitioners Tribunal,

Dear Insolvency Service,

A. Stanley Official Reciever Chatham - County Court Maidstone instead sending out Bankrutpcy Orders ?

On how many occasions has A.Stanley Officail Reciever in Chatham failed in their duty to send out a Bankrutpcy Order , two copies of which must be sent to them by the county court at Maidstone ?

Is this a deliberate ploy between the Official Reciever, and the county court Maidstone who have sent out the order over the Bank holiday weekend , is this to stop anymore recieving a order in time to appeal ?

Why is the county court sending the order instead of the Official Reciever and why virtually on the 21 day appeal deadline ?

Please provide the Insolvency Rule that states it is not the duty of the Official Reciever and is now the duty of the county court instead.

Insolvency Rule 6.34(1) at least two sealed copies of the Bankrutpcy order shall be sent forthwith by the court to the Officail Reciever , who shall forthwith send one of them to the bankrupt.

Yours faithfully,


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