A 30 Chiverton to Cartland cross

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Dear Highways England Company Limited,
What is the scheme for the a 30 at chiverton to Carland Cross roundabouts and what is involved

Yours faithfully,

Michael Jane



Dear Michael Jane

Thank you for your request relating to A30 Chiverton to Cartland
cross dated 28 December 2021. 

The due date for issuing a response is 26 January 2022.

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Amanda Speight

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Dear Michael Jane

A30 Chiverton to Cartland cross

Thank you for your information request dated 28/12/2021 regarding A30
Chiverton to Cartland cross. We have dealt with your request under the
provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

You asked -


What is the scheme for the a 30 at chiverton to Carland Cross roundabouts
and what is involved

I can confirm that we hold the information you have requested.

Information provided

I can confirm that we do hold the information. Under Section 21 of the
Act, we are not required to provide information, which is already
reasonably accessible to you. The information you requested is available
via [1]https://nationalhighways.co.uk/our-work/...

We have provided an overview of the scheme plans below, with a focus on
the roundabouts / junctions and the functions they will serve:

We are constructing an 8.7 mile, high quality 70mph dual carriageway,
connecting to the existing A30 dual carriageway between round about at
Chiverton and Carland Cross.

We will be replacing the Chiverton Cross roundabout with a new, two-level
motorway style roundabout, whilst also providing a new, 2 level partial
 junction at Chybucca, with west facing slip road connecting to the new
dual carriageway.

In addition to that we will be replacing the existing roundabout at
Carland Cross  with a 2 level motorway style junction. The 3 junctions we
will be providing are all to enable access to the new A30 dual

We will also be providing new bridges and accesses across the new road and
the old road, to enable the retention of the existing A30 for local

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Ben Finch-Harris | Programme Support | Regional Investment Programme South


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