A100 medicine statistics

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Dear University of Oxford,

My request is regarding statistics for the A100 medicine course. All requests are for the
2018/2019 cycle. If data for the 2018/2019 cycle is not possible, I would like it for the
2017/2018 cycle. Many thanks.

Please can I have the following anonymised data about the candidates who applied:

1. For each applicant, can I know their A-level predicted grades, GCSE grades, UCCAT score, BMAT score, whether they were successful in getting an interview and whether they were successful in getting a place?
2. For each applicant, can I also know whether they were home or international (if so whether they were an EU citizen)
3. Please can I know what type of school the applicant went to (independent, maintained,
grammar, academy or
4. Please could I have a breakdown of their UKCAT and BMAT scores by section
5. How their PS and interview performance was graded or scored
6. Whether they were on a gap year or taking a deferred place

Please can I have all this data in an Excel or at least a machine-readable format?

Yours faithfully,

Mr Holland