A100 Medicine Applicants (2017 - 2019)

The request was successful.

Dear St John's College, Cambridge,

1) How many people applied after obtaining their actual A levels for medicine (A100) and how many people were successful?
2)Which college they applied to and received an offer from?
3) Whether they were pooled or not
2) Of those who were successful could you tell their BMAT scores in each section? Could I get the average BMAT scores in each section or those successful and unsuccessful instead?
3) Could I also get the interview scores of successful applicants and unsuccessful candidates if these are available? If not, could I find out the average successful interview score?
4) Finally, could I get the A-Level subjects and grades achieved?

Yours faithfully,

Shayla Carter

Freedom of Information Officer, St John's College, Cambridge

Dear Shayla Carter,
Thank you for your Freedom of Information request relating to Medicine
applicants. As you sent two requests on this subject on the same day, and
as your first request (copied below) pertains to information held by
Cambridge University rather than by St John's College, we will provide the
relevant data held by the College by responding to your second request.
If you are dissatisfied with my response you may seek an internal review
in writing setting out the grounds for review. It will be dealt with by a
College Officer. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome of the
review, you will have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner by
writing to her at Information Commissioner’s Officer, Wycliffe House,
Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.
Yours sincerely,
Communications Officer (Freedom of Information and Data Protection)
St John’s College
Registered Charity No. 1137428

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